Daimler Club Technical Day

Saturday 4th November 2017

Focusing on cars with Edward Turner engines at the home of David and Dallas Stoodley, 260 Glenning Road, Glenning Valley. We should have a good turn out of all Daimler Club members particularly those with a technical interest to ponder on the Turner engineering marvels, the SP250, V8 Saloon and Majestic Major together with the Stoodley marvel, the SP450. David’s project has the engine in place but fitting steering and exhausts pipes will be interesting. The engine has been lowered and the sump modified so that the bonnet line can be retained. There is also a 6 speed Holden gearbox which is one of many modifications to the drive system and brakes.

The technical inspections and discussion will be in the morning. Please BYO picnic lunch which we will enjoy in David and Dallas Stoodley’s extensive and very pleasant front garden. Ladies, please join us for a pleasant social gathering even if peering at engines isn’t your thing.