2.5 Litre V8

Marque Registrars – John Steel
(02) 9983 9734

Brief History

Jaguar had taken over Daimler in 1960 and thus inherited the V8 motor designed by Edward Turner and already used in the SP 250 and Majestic Major (4 ½ litre) models. At this time Jaguar had produced their Marks IV, V, VII, VIII, and IX together with a smaller 2.4 and 3.4 saloon. In 1960 this was upgraded and called a Mark II. It was into this bodyshell that Jaguar put the Daimler 2 ½ litre V8 motor in October 1962.

The model was produced until 1969 with only minor modifications. Early on, the automatic gearbox was changed from two speed to three speed and in 1967 manual transmission was offered as an option. Slim bumper bars were introduced, the screen rail changed from timber to padded and the model name changed to V8 250. Some other minor cosmetic changes were made but otherwise the vehicle remained the same for its seven years of production.

This was the largest selling Daimler with 17884 units, and Club members currently own 35.