DB Range

Including Consort and Special Sports & LD

Marque Registrar – Steve Moore
(02) 9603 4498

Brief History

Prior to World War 11 , in 1933, the Daimler company produced a 15hp car of 1805cc. As with present day models a success brings an upgrading and so the engine was increased to 2003cc, then 2166cc, and again 2522cc. As this no longer sounded like a “15” the later upgradings were called DB 17-1, then DB 17-2 and in 1938 DB 18.

During the war a modified 2522cc engine was adapted for the “Scout” cars of which 6665 were produced for service in Europe.

When war ended the company announced that it would continue with the DB 18 with modifications learned from experience during the war with the Scout cars. This model, in saloon and drophead styles was produced from 1946 to 1950. To supplement the range a true sporting car was released in 1948 and known as the Special Sports. Possessing the same power unit but with alloy head, twin SU carburettors and an overdrive gearbox, this much sought after model continued till 1953.

Before an entirely new model could be released in 1953, another DB 18 variant known as the Consort was produced from late 1949. It differed in minor respects from the previous saloon in that it had a curved radiator grille and a longer boot.

Club members currently have

  • 4 prewar “15” saloons
  • 1 prewar “15” saloon (Ritz model)
  • 12 DB 18 saloons
  • 1 DB 18 drophead
  • 12 DB 18 Special Sports
  • 11 DB 18 Consorts