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Light Straight Eight

During the 1930s the sleeve valve motor was phased out and replaced with a conventional poppet valve type. These commenced with six cylinder motors of 15 and 20 hp and a straight eight known as a V26, of 25 hp. By 1936 this engine was bored out for the release of a new model of 32 hp to be known as the V4 ½. The coachwork was formal, and was designed for royalty and other chauffeur driven owners.

However to accommodate the owner driver another straight eight motor was developed with a fixed head and displacing 3421 cc. It was known as the E3 ½ or Light Straight Eight. Two years later this was upgraded to 3960cc and was designated the E4.

Prior to World War 11 most chassis were contracted out to coachbuilders to add their own personal design to the body behind the bulkhead. In other words, recognition of the vehicle model was by the front only. Coachbuilders at the time include; Barker, Charlesworth, Freestone and Webb, Gurney Nutting, Hooper, James Young, Martin Walter, Rippon, Salmons, Vanden Plas, Windovers and of course the Daimler company itself.

Club members currently have;

  • 1 1934 V26 Straight Eight
  • 4 E3 ½ Light Straight Eight
  • 1 E4 Light Straight Eight
  • 1 DB17/18