Rodney Henderson’s 38hp

Veteran Car 165
Rodney Henderson or (02) 9558 8444 (work)

The 1909 Daimler shown is the first sleeve-valve model produced by any company. Daimler were the first company to make sleeve-valves work. Daimler then produced nothing but sleeve-valves for more than 20 years. There are many references to this model in the literature.

Lord Montague’s father reported more than 60 miles in an hour in a 38 hp model like this one. I have not yet attempted to repeat this effort. It is happy at an indicated 44 m.p.h., but we have not checked this against a modern.

This car has, I believe, a factory tourer body. It was found in a shed in Tasmania with 2 other early cars in the 1950’s. It was restored in the original canary yellow, with much, but not all of the trim replaced, but clearly to the original. Mechanically it is complete, including the original two ignition systems. As a result it is usually easy to start. It seems to have done only a low mileage.

The parts book for this model says the diff requires half-a-gallon of oil and a handful of grease. The handbook, by Joseph L. Mackle, suggests about a gallon of oil as appropriate. Can anyone lend a hand?

The photo shows the body-jack in operation for access to the differential.