Peter Grant’s DE 36

DE 36
Peter Grant

1948 Royal Stock DE 36 All Weather Tourer

The car was one of a pair. It was ordered by Hoopers for Royal Stock use in 1948 but due to the Royal Tour Cars having to be finished, the cars were not ready before early 1949. During this time “the Palace” asked that the cars have shaped front seats in case the King wished to drive them and also His Majesty requested a clock, as slim as possible, be fitted to the rear division.This was done and the cars were completed in silver grey with blue leather interior and black hoods, solid walnut timber trim and the usual interior fittings, including a thick pile rug in the back and occasional seats.

The car was regularly used by King George VI and much liked by him. After his death, in 1952, the car I have bought was returned to Hoopers where it was repainted in the Royal Colours, claret body, black wings with a black molding and red picking out lines. A new Melloloid Hood in claret was also fitted at that time. It was intended to have this car available for the Coronation Tours for the new Queen. The other All Weather Tourer was sent for use by the Governor General in Nigeria. I do not now if that car still exists. It remained silver grey.

The car remained in Royal Service, used by the present Queen, until 1957, when it was announced that it had been sold to the Queensland Government for the forthcoming Royal Tour by Her Majesty the Queen Mother. After it arrived here the car was used for the Queen Mother’s Tour, for the tour by the Queen of Thailand and eventually disposed of at auction in the late 1960’s being bought by Ken and Pamela Mathers of Kenmore in Brisbane. Ken died during the 1990s but had put the car up on blocks prior to his final illness.

When they bought the car it had around 12000 miles on the clock and now has some 28000 miles recorded. During their time of ownership the car was requested back by Government House in Brisbane for use by Prince Charles when he was in Queensland, each time the flag staff being replaced and then removed before the car was returned!